Benjamin Fagan Designs.

Benjamin Fagan Designs is a South Lake Tahoe residential design firm established in 1975. With 40+ years of experience, Ben Fagan has designed a multitude of homes ranging from small chalets, to lakefront mansions, to steep mountain-side residences. Benjamin Fagan Designs is recognized for their creative use of materials, intriguing roof lines, and great spatial arrangements. The firm is dedicated to a prompt but thorough design process, embraces communication between owner and designer, and eases a smooth permitting process. Ben is well known in town for the quality of his work and the commitment of his team to the successful completion of every project. Discover your home in Tahoe!



Benjamin Fagan Designs is a South Lake Tahoe residential design firm established in 1975.

Ben Fagan Designs strives to complete projects in an accurate and timely manner. Our small team is dedicated to each client and many remain friends long after their home is complete. As we say here at the office: “We're with you from the cocktail napkin to the cocktail party!” Check out our portfolio for ideas!

1 Design

Work with Ben on your dream home! Provide us with your wish list, and Ben will sketch ideas that we can send you to review. Stop by our office and we can come up with ideas in real-time, or if you're traveling, we're happy to scan and email concepts as they develop.

2 Draft

As the design develops, we'll begin drafting the existing floor plans and elevations on the computer. We generally work in AutoCAD, but can provide 3D models upon request. Eventually, we'll complete an entire submittal package including existing and proposed site plans, floor plans, elevations, electrical layout, and structural drawings.

3 Structure

We provide a basic structural layout that then goes to a structural engineer for review and calculations. When that's finished, we revise our drawings as necessary and prepare for stamping and submittal.

4 Submit

Whether in California or Nevada, within TRPA bounds or beyond, we do it all! We are very familiar with the submittal process for all areas around Lake Tahoe. Generally, we submit projects to all relevant agencies on behalf of the client, but if you prefer to submit yourself, we're happy to provide you with everything you need for each jurisdiction.


New Construction

We'll help you get from an empty lot to a beautiful new home!


Don't like what you see? We'll work with you to create something beautiful.


Minor or major, all the walls gone or just a new kitchen, we're happy to help.


Need a little more space? We'll review your coverage and help you come up with options.


Since we understand what each agency requires, we can provide a time-line for the submittal process and have you building on your schedule.


Confused how to calculate coverage? Code requirements? Fire code? We have all these answers and more!


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